Communal Minute Book. Writing, Ethnography, and History of the War in Pery in the year 1980


Investigadore(a)s: Ponciano del Pino

Año(s) de Ejecución: 2021-2022

Estado: Terminado

This project looks at the Shining Path war –an extremely violent insurgency launched by the Partido Comunista del Perú-Sendero Luminoso — as seen through the minute books or acts (libros de actas) kept by three communities in Ayacucho in 1980. It assesses the cultural and political reach that writing has had in the history of these communities, in the production of their knowledge about the past, and in their collective identity. In a sense, the writing of, and in, communal minute books configures and limits the margins of the narrative of the war told from within these locales.

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