The Far-Right in Latin America

Autor(a): /

Investigadore(a)s: Talita São Thiago Tanscheit

Otro(a)s Investigadore(a)s: Cristobal Rovira Kaltwasser (Investigador Principal); Carlos Meléndez (Co-Investigador); Lisa Zanotti (Co-Investigadora)

Financiamiento: Open Society Foundations

Año(s) de Ejecución: 2022- 2022

Estado: Terminado

This project aims at studying the features of the far-right in Latin America. The first part of
the project focuses on Chile, which is facing the emergence of a populist radical right party
while writing a new Constitution after two years of massive protests. After analyzing the
case of Chile, the second part will move to a comparative stage in which we aim to highlight
the commonalities and differences of the far-right experiences in Latin America.

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