On Combined and Uneven Extractivism


Otro(a)s Autore(a)s: Arboleda, Martín

Año: 2022

Revista: Dialogues in Human Geography

Arboleda, M. 2022. On Combined and Uneven Extractivism. Dialogues in Humn Geography. Vol 12 (1).

How to make sense of the political economy of natural resource extraction after the crisis of liberal cosmopolitanism and of standard theories of globalization? This, in my view, is the question that binds together the three incisive, thoughtful, and challenging commentaries on Planetary Mine: Territories of Extraction Under Late Capitalism. It is also a question that I have been grappling with for several years, and so this book forum has offered an exciting opportunity for collective, collegial reflection upon such a timely and relevant matter. I wrote the book under the assumption that the startling rise of China and other East Asian economies, coupled with the modes of advanced functional integration made possible by the logistics technological revolution, put into question inherited understandings of the capitalist world-system. The concept of planetarity was therefore employed as a framing device to challenge an all too familiar notion of Globalization 1.0 – overly focused on the West, on the market economy, on cities, and on a supposedly linear path of human progress.

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