The Populist Radical Right and the Pandemic


Otro(a)s Autore(a)s: Cristóbal Rovira y Paul Taggart

Año: 2022

Revista: Government and Oppostion

Rovira, C. y Taggart, P. 2022. The Populist Radical Right and the Pandemic. Government and Opposition. Nov 2022.

COVID-19 shocked the world and provided a particular challenge for populist radical right (PRR) forces. We lay out three research questions that this special issue addresses through case studies of the PRR in government in Brazil, Hungary, Turkey and the US and in opposition in France, Italy, Germany and Spain: (1) How have PRR actors responded to the pandemic? (2) How have PRR actors framed the politics of the pandemic? and (3) What have been the effects of the pandemic on the popularity of the PRR? We explain the case selection of this special issue and summarize the main findings of the eight case studies, which show that the pandemic did not severely damage the PRR and that they had very different responses to the challenge. This reinforces the idea that the PRR is not ephemeral but is rather the by-product of structural transformations of contemporary societies and is here for the foreseeable future.

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