The Resource Curse Returns?


Otro(a)s Autore(a)s: Sebastian Carrasco, Aldo Madariaga

Año: 2022

Revista: NACA Report on the Americas

Carrasco, S., Madariega, A. 2022. The Resource Course returns? NACLA Report on the Americas. Vol. 54 (4): 445-452

On August 31, 2022, just four days ahead of Chile’s referendum on a draft new constitution, the Washington Post published an editorial linking the proposed charter with the world’s hopes for a greener future and the United States’ ambition to lead this process. The editorial warned that the draft constitution’s proposed ban on mining in environmentally sensitive areas and greater regulation of natural resource extraction could thwart lithium exploitation. Lithium, a mineral used to produce batteries for energy storage, is key to the decarbonization of the world’s transport and energy sectors. Why is Chile so important for the global “green transition”? Why would increasing environmental regulation impair this green transition? How is this related to the country’s development prospects? And how are ongoing discussions about a new constitution related to lithium?

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